Monday Madeleines – Happy Halloween

by Mistina Picciano on October 27, 2014

Monday Madeleines Image

Halloween is nearly upon us. Do you remember mapping out a route to grab the best candy in your neighborhood, crunching through the leaves and dragging home more candy the you have ever seen? Here’s a look at Halloween past and present. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!
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Monday Madeleines – Feeling Sleepy?

by Mistina Picciano on October 20, 2014

Monday Madeleines Image

How do you feel without a good night’s sleep? Sluggish and unproductive? Take a demanding job then add the responsibilities at home and you have the perfect recipe for sleep deprivation. This week we have some thoughts and tips on how to catch some boss-approved shuteye at work. Wake up! [Read the full article…]


Monday Madeleines – That’s All Folks

by Mistina Picciano October 13, 2014 Monday Madeleines

When you were a kid, wasn’t Saturday the best day of the week? You could sleep late and then jump out of bed to catch your favorite cartoons. After more than 60 years, Saturday morning cartoons on network TV are gone. So let’s take a look back for a little nostalgia. Happy Columbus Day!

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Monday Madeleines – All Queued Up

by Mistina Picciano October 6, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Lines for the iPhone 6 have dwindled and holiday sale lines are about to start forming. So let’s take a look at what makes people stand in line and pass along some suggestions for keeping yourself entertained while you wait. Have a great week!

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Monday Madeleines – Seinfeld and Friends Prove That Nothing Sitcoms Are Something

by Mistina Picciano September 29, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Finding the perfect combination of comedic writing, acting and powerful chemistry among the actors may be almost as rare as winning the lottery. But the buzz around the 20th anniversary of the premier of Friends proves it’s possible. Are Friends and Seinfeld the last of the great sitcoms based on nothing?

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Monday Madeleines – September Brings Football

by Mistina Picciano September 22, 2014 Monday Madeleines

For its many fans, September means just one thing: the start of college football season. Schedules are locked in, jerseys and hats or on, and tailgating parties are planned for the next 10 to 12 weeks. Here’s a hat tip to the the traditions, music and fun of college football. Go team!

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Monday Madeleines – Tech Takes A Fashion Leap

by Mistina Picciano September 15, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Last week’s New York Fashion Week and the Apple Watch introduction sealed the deal: technology and fashion are teaming up to keep us fashionably connected 24/7. Cutting edge clothing, accessories and gadgets, oh my!. The place’s we’ll go!

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Monday Madeleines – It’s Fall On and Off Broadway

by Mistina Picciano September 8, 2014 Monday Madeleines

September marks the beginning of fall with its cooler days and nights. In New York City, fall means Broadway! This week, we’re sharing some buzz on Fall 2014 Boradway and Off-Broadway Weeks. Choosing is the hardest part. Enjoy!

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Lunch and Learn 1: How Newsletters Can Help Your Business

by Mistina Picciano September 4, 2014 Email Marketing

This is the first installment of a multi-part series on newsletter marketing from a recent Lunch and Learn session. In Part 1, I explain why you need a newsletter and outline some of the key benefits newsletter marketing has to offer, like:

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Monday Madeleines – TV Isn’t Simple Anymore

by Mistina Picciano September 1, 2014 Monday Madeleines

After the Emmy Awards last week, end-of-summer network TV choices seem a bit limited. You need a Netflix subscription to watch House of Cards or HBO to see Veep and Girls. The top award winner was Breaking Bad, and it’s on AMC. So, how do you watch TV these days? Happy Labor Day!

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