Monday Madeleines – Are You Social Media Driven?

by Mistina Picciano on April 21, 2014

Monday Madeleines Image

Do you create a #hashtag for everything or speak in 140 characters or fewer? Find you can’t turn off your phone because you’re addicted? This week we take a lighthearted look at the power of social media on our lives. Enjoy! [Read the full article…]


Monday Madeleines – April is More Than Taxes

by Mistina Picciano on April 14, 2014

Monday Madeleines Image

Some good things are happening in spite of tax day this week. From late night sky gazing to National High Five Day, at least there’s something to look forward to. So have some fun as April cranks into high gear. [Read the full article…]


Monday Madeleines – Signs of Spring in New York City

by Mistina Picciano April 7, 2014 Monday Madeleines

As the glaciers in our neighborhoods begin receding, it looks like we may have a great spring. Baseball has had its opening day, the weather forecasts are looking good, parks are opening and spring art shows are starting. Let’s celebrate spring in NYC this week!

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Monday Madeleines – Salute to Sherlock Holmes

by Mistina Picciano March 31, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Even before forensic science and CSI, Sherlock Holmes used science in his quest to catch criminals. Since his first appearance in the late 1800s, Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson have intrigued the masses. This week, it seemed elementary that we should give a hearty salute to Sherlock Holmes. Enjoy!

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Monday Madeleines – Coffee Talk

by Mistina Picciano March 24, 2014 Monday Madeleines

This week a salute to our coffee-loving friends out there. Coffee houses sprang up all over Europe in the 1500′s fueling luminaries like Bach and Beethoven. The UK was the last to succumb to the lure of coffee. So grab a cup of your favorite brew and enjoy!

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Monday Madeleines – Mora Na Maidine Dhuit

by Mistina Picciano March 17, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Meaning, top of the morning! According to Irish folklore, green is unlucky; children wearing green are likely to be stolen by faeries. St. Patrick’s Day parades began in Ireland just 75 years ago, but in the U.S. they’re more than 200 years old. Pubs in Ireland don’t serve green beer and were not even open on […]

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Email Marketing: Why It Works and When It Doesn’t

by Guest March 13, 2014 Email Marketing

Guest post by: Ken Moorhead As any digital marketer knows, Email marketing is tough to master. Some people consider it an outdated form of outreach, while other people abuse it to the point of alienating their customers. It’s no surprise that people aren’t always seeing the results they want – and much of their trouble […]

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Monday Madeleines – March Workout Rethink

by Mistina Picciano March 10, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Now that the switch to Daylight Saving Time has arrived, spring and summer can’t be long to follow. So this week we look at ways to energize your workout to shed some of those winter pounds. Try adding a few of these exercises to get those muscles moving again. Good luck!

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Monday Madeleines – Mardis Gras 2014

by Mistina Picciano March 3, 2014 Monday Madeleines

Mardi Gras 2014 is here. Festivities close at midnight tomorrow (Fat Tuesday), but it’s been carnival party time in New Orleans since February 15th. If you can’t wing your way down to NOLA to join the fun, we’ve got some ways you can celebrate closer to home. So grab a mask and enjoy the festivities […]

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Monday Madeleines – Real Life Inventions Imitate Art

by Mistina Picciano February 24, 2014 Monday Madeleines

What if you could ride around town on a land speeder from Star Wars or travel the world through a Star-Trek-type teleportation room? Inventions are in the works that may allow us to see some cool things in real life that amazed us on TV and in the movies. Which of these would you want […]

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