Spam Squared

by Mistina Picciano on March 2, 2009

If you’ve sent me an email in the last few months, you’ve received an auto-reply message with instructions on how to reach me immediately. This auto-email irritates some (including my husband), but I’ve found the service (AwayFind) helpful in identifying urgent messages.

Basically, if you need to reach me, you fill out an online form that sends me a text message and an email message. It’s very handy for those occasions when I’m out of the office and not tethered to my computer.

This evening, I received a message from a certain individual whose name looked familiar. I recognized it because this same person had just sent me an unsolicited email promoting translation services. By taking the time to fill out the “urgent” form, I gave the original email a second look, wondering if I actually knew him.

Nope. This persistent sales person followed up an unwanted solicitation with an urgent message that I needed to check out his company’s services.

On occasion, we have been asked to recommend translation services. After this blatant disregard of my time, I will never recommend this firm. I won’t even check out the website.

When it comes to marketing, are you persistent or a pest? Do you go out of your way to show value? Or are you simply trying to close a sale?

And how would you respond in the above situation?

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