Day 6 Wrapup: Social Media Success Summit 2010 (#SMSS10)

by Randy Duermyer on May 21, 2010

Social Media Success Summit 2010 continued yesterday, May 20th. The day’s sessions continued to build on the wealth of information provided throughout this year’s Summit with a great return performance by Facebook guru Mari Smith along with some insightful information on social news sites and a lively panel that consisted of three very popular bloggers, who weighed in how they use Twitter.

Day 6’s sessions were:

  1. Facebook Engagement: Advanced Strategies for Building a Loyal Fan Base
  2. Using Social News Sites to Grow Your Audience & Improve Your Search Engine Optimization
  3. Twitter Power Panel: Tips & Insights From Twitter Superstars

Session 1: Facebook Engagement: Advanced Strategies for Building a Loyal Fan Base

Presenter: Mari Smith

While her Day 2 presentation on Facebook was excellent, I felt it went a bit too fast to keep up. In my opinion, her return appearance, however, was spot-on perfect timing wise. While her Day 2 presentation focused on Facebook design strategy, she picked up on Day 6 with developing strategies for Facebook content, promotion and engagement.

Main Session Takeaways:

  1. Content is far more engaging when you mix it up. Sources for Facebook content include blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, interviews, etc. You can effectively repurpose this content for use on Facebook. Your overarching goal when it comes to Facebook content is to provide value.
  2. You should feature other people’s content (OPC) as well, which you can get through blog and ezine subscriptions, Facebook friend lists (you can create a friend list from a collection of Facebook Fan pages) and Twitter lists.
  3. Facebook plug-ins are available for content promotion, such as the Facebook Like button plug-in (which can be customized as a “Recommend” button and include a Comment box). Additional plug-ins are available at
  4. First impressions may be deceiving. The panelists’ first impressions of Twitter varied from a monumental waste of time to suspicion. It took Darren about 24 hours to see Twitter’s potential, whereas it took Brian a year to try it.
  5. Newbies need not be intimidated. Best ways for newbies to get started with Twitter are to find people to follow who are relevant to your business, don’t expect to read every Tweet that goes by and provide value. Take advantage of Twitter’s search tools, listen in and participate.
  6. Don’t auto follow. If you indiscriminately follow those who follow you, you are leaving yourself open to spam.
  7. Pitching your products and services doesn’t work. Point to interesting content, create interesting content and the following will happen over time.
  8. Twitter is a relationship-building tool. People buy from people they like and Twitter allows you to build those relationships that may eventually lead to some sort of transaction, partnership or joint venture.
  9. Passion moves people to action. (Now there’s a deep thought!)
  10. Twitter makes a good outpost, not a destination. Twitter and Facebook are social tools that are great to use as outposts to drive traffic to your home base (website or blog). (This reinforces the concept of identifying your home base and outposts discussed in a previous session.)
  11. The results of your effort may not be apparent at first. You may tweet someone’s content and nothing comes of it for 6 months, when out of the blue you might get an offer to do a partnership or joint venture. Provide value to other people and don’t count exactly how you’ll get the return: It may be much bigger than you’d otherwise expect.
  12. Give changes some time to take hold. The world of social media is constantly changing. There was agreement that all three typically waited for someone else to bring up new developments, technologies and tools. They don’t obsess on keeping up with everything as none of them has the time to worry about it.

Closing Comments


Twitter is about enhancing people’s lives. If someone helps you, they make an impression and you notice them. Trust grows and they’ll want to spread the word. Be useful, be personal. Allow people to see part of your life and people will talk about it. If you’re going to use Twitter, use it regularly: You have to use Twitter for it to work for you.


For me, 40-60% of revenues are received from things that happen via Twitter. Unless your job is tweeting, your job isn’t tweeting.

[In other words, don’t let Twitter take over your life at the expense of your job or business.]

Brian: (Who said when he first learned of Twitter he laughed out loud and thought, “What a waste of time!”)

It’s important for business not to blow off social media. It’s not a fad; it’s not going away. However, it’s the fundamentals that matter. If you’re too busy to keep up it’s because you have a real business – that’s a good thing. Figure out how it works for you. Stay open-minded to new things but be ruthless about whether there’s a return and if it makes sense for you. Don’t just put on every new hat that comes out.

Social Media Success Summit – Index of Session Takeaways

Did you attend any of these sessions at the Social Media Success Summit 2010? If so, what were your takeaways? If not, what are your thoughts on building an engaged fan base in Facebook, using social news sites to improve your SEO efforts or your tips and insights regarding Twitter and other social media marketing tools?

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Mari Smith May 22, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Yay, Randy!!! Many thanks for another awesome review. I appreciate your kind tweets too.

This second Facebook session sure kept me on my toes to the last minute; I wanted to be sure all the latest Facebook changes/announcements were included and be mindful of not repeating myself. It’s also challenging at times to address such a wide range of attendees – those just getting going with their Facebook marketing and those hungry for really advanced strategies!

Great connecting with you and thanks for attending the summit this year!!


Randy Duermyer May 23, 2010 at 11:59 am

Thanks for your comment and positive reinforcement.

I can appreciate where it could be tough to strike the right balance for a diverse audience. I think you delivered on that perfectly!

It’s been a pleasure to connect with you and become aware of the wealth of expertise you have to offer. I thank the Summit for that!

Finally, I hope your casa stops shaking from the ground rumblings in Baja! I lived in San Diego county for 10 years and occasionally found it be a “moving” experience 😉



Janet Barclay May 28, 2010 at 1:37 pm

In regards to pushing Facebook content to Twitter, it’s also annoying for users (or for me, at least) to click through to the link, only to find I’m on Facebook and have to log in if I want to comment on it. I’m happy that the new Tweetdeck allows me to filter out tweets originating from Facebook.

Randy Duermyer May 28, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Hi Janet:
Thanks for your comment. HootSuite also allows you to easily post custom updates on Facebook and I use it regularly. You have a lot more characters you can use in Facebook, and I’m of the opinion that it’s smart to take advantage of that.



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