Day 7 Wrapup: Social Media Success Summit 2010 (#SMSS10)

by Randy Duermyer on May 26, 2010

Social Media Success Summit 2010 came to a close yesterday, May 25, 2010.

The final day pulled plenty of information from previous sessions into a capstone of sorts. While only the last session was intended to do that, the first session of the day on blogging also included a number of tie-ins to demonstrate how different aspects of social media can work together with a blog to create a powerful social media presence.

The two sessions featured on Day 7 of the Summit were:

  1. Making Your Blog a Social Media Destination
  2. Easily Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Mix

Watch for my entire Summit wrap-up post here on Friday. For now, here are my takeaways from Day 7.

Session 1: Making Your Blog a Social Media Destination

Presenter: Denise Wakeman

A quick overview of the power of blogs began the discussion.

The theme of the discussion was integrating your social media efforts by using a blog as your “home base” to serve your audience, and other social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as “outposts” or “embassies” to bring the audience to you blog.

Interesting Stats estimates that 31 million people worldwide now write on blogs and 104 million are reading blogs.

When asked what benefits they receive from their blogs, bloggers surveyed in Technorati’s 2009 State of the Blogosphere (discussed in Market It Write’s white paper on content marketing), cited:

  • Greater visibility
  • Increased sales of products or services
  • Establishing themselves as thought leaders
  • Getting asked to speak at conferences

Main Session Takeaways:

  1. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you OWN your blog and thus have complete control over it.
  2. To make your blog effective, you need to be a “content machine”.
  3. Your content needs to be wherever your target audience hangs out.
  4. When creating content, use targeted keywords, create compelling headlines and tap into what your readers want.
  5. To get your content found, you need to use effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
  6. Provide a mix of content on your blog, including How-Tos, case studies, reader Q & A, opinions, link roundups, polls, videos and interviews.
  7. Repurposing content from your blog and publishing it elsewhere extends your reach and allows your audience to consume your content in their favorite format (written, printable, audio, video) and place.
  8. Making it easy to share your content amplifies your message. Syndicating your content (via RSS and tools for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, etc.) extends your reach and facilitates sharing and re-use by others.

Session 2: Easily Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Mix

Presenter: Chris Garrett

The goal of Chris Garrett’s presentation was to tie all of the previous sessions together into a cohesive whole on using social media to benefit both your online and offline activities.

Specifics he offered were:

  • Attract your audience by sharing valuable content and using social media to boost your visibility.
  • Retain your audience by lavishing attention on them so they remember who you are and keep coming back.
  • Convert your audience into customers. Use social media tools to build relationships and establish trust to turn your visitors into long-term customers.
  • Build referrals through social media. Your fans can become a referral machine that will attract new people to you and keep the cycle in motion.

Main Session Takeaways:

  1. Social media is NOT a quick fix. Look for long-term value, not short-term gains.
  2. Don’t rush in. Social media is all about integration and adoption, with all channels (such as marketing and customer service) working together.
  3. Make sure at least every customer facing employee is aware of your social media strategy.
  4. Find out what your audience is interested in, what they really want to know and then deliver it to them.
  5. Social media can really help with your SEO efforts and help you get traffic. Social media and SEO are NOT mutually exclusive, and you shouldn’t plan to do one without the other.
  6. Network, network network to build contacts with the webmasters and bloggers who already speak to your audience. Treat these contacts as people, not news outlets.
  7. Keep your audience (prospects) coming back by giving them a reason to return, including awesome customer service, engagement and rewarding loyalty.
  8. Encourage sharing, but try to provide something in return.
  9. Use social media to promote and report on offline events before, during and after the event. Promote your online presence, content and events offline.

Social Media Success Summit – Index of Session Takeaways

Did you attend any of these sessions at the Social Media Success Summit 2010? If so, what were your takeaways? If not, what are your thoughts on making your blog a social media destination and integrating social media into your marketing mix?

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