Write a Book In as Little as Six Months Without Having to Type a Single Page

by Guest on February 11, 2011

Guest post by: Lisa Calhoun, MBA

Have you ever picked up one of your industry’s top trade publications and thought, why is my company not featured? Why is my competitor quoted as a leading industry expert when we are outperforming them every day? Have you ever recognized a need in your company for more awareness, but found yourself too consumed with running your business to take action? Last question, have you ever thought about writing a book?

One way to solve this gap between being an industry leader and becoming a recognizable industry leader is by writing a book. Authors are given more credibility because they are seen as educational and as industry experts rather than simply trying to sell their company. Leverage your new-found industry-expert status to secure future speaking engagements and media opportunities so that your company can continue with the momentum your book launch generated. A successful book launch will create a buzz around your company that just may launch you from the industry leader you are today to the recognizable industry leader you should be.

While you probably cannot imagine taking on one more responsibility, writing a book is no longer the pain-staking drawn-out process it used to be. If you have the experience and the innovative ideas to write a compelling business book, but you simply do not have any disposable time, ghostwriting is a great way to get your ideas on the market in as little as six months, without you having to lock yourself away in a room for days, weeks and months on end.

You recognize that it takes years to learn the nuances of any one industry. Authoring a business book is no exception. An experienced ghostwriter can leverage relationships they have built while working in the industry for your benefit. They not only eliminate the mundanity factor of writing and editing a few hundred pages of copy, but they also provide invaluable industry insight.

Join Atlanta-based ghostwriting and Public Relations firm, Write2Market, as we host an event where CEOs, like yourself, can mingle with other CEOs, hear case studies on successful book projects and hear from experts such as:

  • Peter Bowerman, author of the Well Fed Writer and self-publishing guru
  • Melissa Thomas-Dubois, VP of Client Services at Write2Market, whose work for CEO-authors has helped launch bidding wars between publishers on manuscripts she has managed

Learn how you too can find that objective brainstorming partner you will cherish well before chapter three.


Write2Market’s executive ghostwriting event, GHOSTBUST-IT, will be held at the headquarters of Atlanta‚Äôs fastest-growing technology company, Pardot, the evening of February 17, 2011.

Executives, for more information on “GHOSTBUST-IT” and to RSVP please click here where you will find our e-vite.

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