6 Ways to Grow Your Mailing List

by Deidre Rienzo on March 2, 2011

We all have email fatigue. People are far less likely to sign up for your email newsletter today than five years ago, simply because the thrill has worn off. Sorry, but it’s true.

Does this mean email marketing doesn’t work? Should we give up on building our subscriber lists?

Of course not. Email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for engaging customers. We just have to pay extra attention to the appeal factor. When people have an inbox full of messages, how can we make them say, “I need one more”?

Here are 6 tips to grow your list with interested prospects:

  1. Give ’em a great reason. If you give people a great reason to sign up, like offering an educational email series, a special report or a free webinar (all of which needs to be useful and relevant), they’re more likely to do so.
  2. Show the value. People want to know what they’re signing up for and why it will benefit them. Share past editions so they can get a taste of what’s on offer. Value is still value, and people will make room for it, even with brimming inboxes.
  3. Make it easy. People don’t want to fill out 16 different fields to get your newsletter. Keep the signup simple; start with name and email address.
  4. Ask them. Get into the habit of asking new prospects, “Would you like to join my email list?” Tell them it’s your favorite way to keep in touch, or share your offerings, and see if they’re interested. That personal contact will make for a more interested subscriber. (Warning: Don’t add people without their permission. It’s bad form and likely to alienate new connections.)
  5. Don’t hide it. Put your newsletter signup on your homepage, blog and social networking profiles. If you speak in public, mention it. Include your newsletter in all your promotional material.
  6. Enable sharing. Let your audience share your e-newsletter via email and social media. If they get something they like, they’ll want to share. Make it easy, and they can help you grow your list.

Consider your signup process to be a preview of your offerings. Show value from the start, and people will sign up. Provide useful content once they’re subscribed, and they’ll stick with you. By engaging your readers, your newsletter will stand out amidst, and get opened before, the clutter.

Think of the last newsletter you signed up for. What enticed you? Please share. And, if it’s time to share your value via email marketing, let us show you our value by helping you do it right. Contact us to get started.

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