Monday Madeleines – March 21, 2011

by Mistina Picciano on March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung! If you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last week, I hope you had an enjoyable time. Here’s another edition of Market it Write Monday Madeleines, where we search for and share some tasty tidbits in to help get your week off to a running start. Enjoy!

9 Reasons Why Chuck Norris Shouldn’t Work In Marketing
What would happen if Chuck Norris decided to become a marketing expert and critique your favorite landing page? Here’s a list of 9 reasons why Chuck should “never be allowed near a whiteboard.” From Oli Gardner, Director of Inbound Marketing at @unbounce.

eBay (UK) Listing: Used Wetsuit
We would have never found this except for the great tweet from @coopercox: “Amazing – In case you wanted 2 bid on a urine-free wetsuit, please take a look. Read the whole thing & look at the pics.” This is a listing for an eBay item with a great, engaging description that will keep you reading. The updates since the listing first appeared along with the questions and answers at the bottom border on the hilarious at times, especially if you appreciate British humor. Hopefully, eBay will decide not to remove the listing (as it has threatened to do) before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it.

The Hindenburg Disaster – Photo Gallery [PICS]
A Life magazine look back at the Hindenburg in pictures. Outside, inside, before, during, after and beyond. Amazing photography, even by today’s standards. Thanks to @Flipbooks (Blair Semenoff, CEO of TruAction Flix) for sharing this so that we might share it with you.

Video of the Week

ScienceCasts: Super Moon
You probably heard about the ‘super’ full moon that occurred on Saturday, March 19th. You may have even witnessed it. The moon appeared to be about 14% larger than normal – a somewhat rare occurrence. Thankfully, this video produced by the folks at NASA, provides a scientific explanation that does a great job at holding the attention of even non-rocket scientists. @satyacolombo called this to our attention.


Did you enjoy this week’s features? Which were your favorites? Leave a comment and share your thoughts, your favorite tea, a madeleine recipe or even your favorite joke. No over-sharing here. (But if you somehow cross that line, we’ll let you know.)

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