6 Steps to Maximize your Content

by Deidre Rienzo on April 14, 2011

What if running one mile could give you the health benefits of running 10? Without the pain, time or hard work? Sadly, you can’t do this with running, but you can achieve similar results with your marketing content.

When you write a useful, insightful marketing piece like a newsletter or a blog post, give it the exposure it deserves. Put all of your marketing tools to work to showcase your content. Here’s how, step-by-step:

  1. Write one smart, savvy newsletter. Send it to your subscribers. Good start, but don’t stop here. Many people do, and these people spend a lot more effort for fewer eyes.
  2. Blog it. Now, take an excerpt from the newsletter and publish it on your blog. Link to the newsletter to “read more,” and include a link where blog readers can sign up to receive your newsletter, too.
  3. Share it. Tweet an interesting idea from the newsletter on Twitter; share it on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can set up automatic updates, but we recommend highlighting a particularly compelling segment.
  4. Give it voice and video. Record your newsletter as an audio file for your podcast stream, and then as a video to promote on YouTube or Vimeo. What starts with written words can turn into verbal ones.
  5. Expand your outlets. Use the newsletter as a guest post on another high-traffic blog or as an article for a magazine. For these outlets, the content likely won’t be the same as your newsletter, but you can use the original idea as a foundation.
  6. Link back to your website. Now that you have these effective marketing tools floating around in cyberspace, promote them on your website. Link to your latest newsletter, your social media profiles, blogs, videos and podcasts. Display your guest posts, and link to the articles you’ve written. This way, a new prospect has ready access to all your methods of communication. You might have a complete library of compelling content, but if it’s scattered and people can’t find it, it’s being under-utilized.

Do you want your words to reach 100 or 1,000? Just because we put something “out there” doesn’t mean everyone sees it. Our audience only sees tidbits, snippets and certain channels. That’s why re-purposing our content isn’t being lazy, it’s being smart. It simply reinforces our message and makes the benefits go further.

Do you have any favorite tips on getting more mileage from your content? Please start by sharing with us here. (And if you need help developing that content, let’s talk.)

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