Back to Basics: Writing

by Randy Duermyer on January 13, 2012

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Has the quality of writing gotten worse over the past century or so? How about over the past 5 years or so with the popularity of texting and tweeting?

Linguistic studies at various years in the 20th century and today reveal some surprising facts about the way college students have used English in previous decades. As college graduates enter the work force, employers quickly discover the level of their writing abilities – or lack thereof.

A look at these studies reveals the top mistakes writers have made over various eras of the past 100 years or so. Some statistics suggest that while the nature of the errors shifted slightly, the frequency of errors remained about the same.

For businesses that rely on written communication–the vast majority of them–quality writing is critical to maintaining credibility and professionalism. Understanding which writing mistakes occur most frequently is a good starting point for avoiding them in the future.

Top 10 Writing Mistakes Part 1: the 20th Century
Top 10 Writing Mistakes Part 2: Today

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