Monday Madeleines – Thoughtful and Sweet Inspirations

by Mistina Picciano on May 21, 2012

Whether you’re inspired by chocolate chip cookies, juggling, love or a little more time in your day, May continues to bring inspiration to our spirits and smiles to our faces.



Tenn. Sweethearts To Marry 60 Years Later
After six decades, college sweethearts Henry Freund and Peggy Marie Pence found their way back together and true love blossomed once again. Maybe more like caught fire. “It didn’t take long for the spark that had survived for 60 years to burst into flames,” says Henry Freund. Ruthie Dean (@RuthieDean), thanks for tweeting this lovely story.

Mario Batali’s Food Stamp Challenge
By eating only what can be purchased with a monthly food stamps allotment, Chef Mario Batali and his family challenge us all to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Thanks for this post, @Inkognegro. Makes us stop and think.

What Could You Do with Two Extra Hours a Day? 
Love this infographic. We’ve all daydreamed about more hours in the day. How would you spend your extra time? We’ll dream along with you, Win Dunseath (@Win).

Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Created by Ruth Wakefield on a whim, chocolate chip cookies have warmed our hearts for decades and are sure to be a mainstay in lunchboxes for years to come. So why not a designated day to celebrate? Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) we hope you celebrated with a cookie or two.

Video of the Week
You may have thought walking and chewing gum at the same time was a challenge. Try juggling while competing in a triathlon. Makes me want to head for the beach.

Did you enjoy this edition of Monday Madeleines?  We hope you find a little inspiration this week. Have a cookie. That’ll help. Leave a comment. No over-sharing here. (But if you somehow cross that line, we’ll let you know.)

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