The Gift Economy and Blogging

by Guest on January 16, 2013

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Guest post by: Veronica Clyde

Seth Godin, one of the Internet’s greatest thinkers, says that we are entering a ‘gift economy.’ A gift economy is basically a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach to business espoused by marketing gurus like Tony Robbins. This approach works because people end up remembering you and what you stand for based on the quality of the product you gave away for free.

To profit from the gift economy mentality, businesses should create different types of free giveaway items and consider the expense of doing so as part of the marketing budget. The heart and soul of any business are its clients. The best way to reach clients is through products and services that appeal to them.

Ideas for Free Products

There are many different free products you can create for potential clients. Books, DVDs, CDs, audio recordings, ebooks, white papers, videos, and even product samples. All of these are interesting to clients, and you will be remembered if you create something different that has value.

Blogging as a Free Product

Publishing quality, informative and entertaining blog posts can also be considered one of the freebies you give away as part of your offerings. By creating value for your readers, your blog posts are more likely to be shared by your readers with their circle of friends and family. Widespread sharing is necessary for your post to go viral.

Partnering to Create Free Products

Another great way you can create free products is to partner with another business that can help develop them. For instance, a publisher for your book would cover the costs of layout, cover design and editing. If you can find a printer who is willing to partner with you, then you may be able to get them to agree to create free business materials for you in exchange for free advertising you can offer in return.

Ultimately, though, you should always provide exceptional value to get your recipients to share and spread the word. Sharing is precisely the kind of activity that can make you successful in a gift economy like the one we have today.

What are your thoughts on the gift economy and its potential? Please leave a comment.

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