Monday Madeleines – Let’s Talk Chocolate

by Mistina Picciano on February 4, 2013

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so this week we’re rolling out with all things chocolate. From best choices to chocolate bombs, health benefits – even chocolate faces. Today is “Thank a Mailman Day” (don’t blame us, we didn’t name it), so why not say thanks to your postal carrier with a yummy chocolate delight?

The 21 Best Chocolates to Give Your Valentine
Let the cravings begin. Becka Wall (@beckawall), do you like chocolate as much as we do?

Japanese Café Lets You Create an Edible Chocolate Version of Your Face
This is the time for a big head. Thanks to Wayne Austin (@IonDigital) for this one.

7 Health Benefits of Chocolate
Thanks Joy Cabrera (@joyfulsoprano). Dreams do come true. Do you think it will help a Super Bowl hangover?

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight!
We think this could be the best benefit of all. Cake is beautiful. Are you now eating chocolate cake for breakfast, Sonal (@sonalkhandewal)?

Record Made from Chocolate [VIDEO]
Not sure you can eat it, but we’re sure it’s a sweet spin. Thanks for this one Alan Cross (@alancross). Anything chocolate is good with us.

The Nazi Bomb That Looked Like Chocolate
And just for the fun of it, a chocolate bomb. Thanks Mental Floss (@mental_floss) for the crazy story.

Video of the Week
Snow Patrol’s “Chocolate.” Crank it up! It’s a good one.

Did you enjoy this edition of Monday Madeleines? Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite chocolate treat. No over-sharing here. (But if you somehow cross that line, we’ll let you know.)

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