Monday Madeleines – It’s a Colorful Planet

by Mistina Picciano on February 18, 2013

Our world is a colorful place, but a giant dog relieving himself on a building and mustachioed babies seem to make it even more colorful. Here’s a collection of smile-inducing news items to get your week off to a jump start. Enjoy your day, and happy birthday, Messrs. Presidents.

Mosh Pits Teach Us About the Physics of Collective Behavior
Who knew mosh pits could be so orderly? Derek Markham (@derekmarkham), when is the last time you jumped in the pit?

Guppies Use Ugly Friends to Seem More Attractive
Even guppies know how to use a wingman. Tried and true practice with humans, don’t you say Alice Tasman (@AliceTasman)?

12 Weirdest Toys Coming to Your Child’s Bedroom This Year [PICS]
We don’t know which one we like more: the Mustachifier or the Breaking Bad plush toys. Thanks Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost)  for the story. We love knowing our kids will be oddly entertained.

That “Zombie Apocalypse” Warning in Montana? It was Fake.
We’re happy that’s been cleared up, Adrian Davis (@fairbird2). Thanks for the hair-raising laugh.

A Gigantic Bad Dog Pees on the Side of a Museum
Richard Jackson’s large-scale sculpture certainly miniaturizes Banksy’s dog peeing on a building. Ben Wood (@WhoMrWoo), what do you think about this action art installation?

Video of the Week
Speaking of colorful. Watch compelling news footage of the Russian meteor.

Did you enjoy this edition of Monday Madeleines? Leave a comment and tell us about your most memorable wingman/wingwoman experience. No over-sharing here. (But if you somehow cross that line, we’ll let you know.)

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