Monday Madeleines – Look for the Helpers

by Mistina Picciano on April 22, 2013

With last week’s tragic Boston Marathon bombing and the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, anger and sadness swell. Questions churn. Hearts are heavy. But when you stop and look beyond the devastation, you’ll find life-affirming goodness.

We stand strong with everyone affected by these two events and send our heartfelt thoughts of healing and peace. We also want to express our warm and lasting gratitude to the “helpers.” Thank you all.

Patton Oswalt Strikes Emotional Chord with Heartfelt Message on Boston Bombings
Actor Patton Oswalt posted this moving message that reminds us that the good outnumber the bad and encourages us to never give up hope.

The Backstory: The Moving Mr. Rogers Clip Everyone is Talking About
Mr. Rogers calls to our attention that in times of crisis we should look for the helpers to see the hope and beauty of humanity. And he’s right; Goodness abounds and helpers are plentiful.

Bruins Boston Marathon Tribute Video [VIDEO]
Last Wednesday (04/17/13), the Boston Bruins opened their first game since the bombing with an emotional marathon tribute video. The crowd erupted in roaring applause and cheers as the video closed out with stadium-size support ribbons carrying a message of strength, Boston Strong.

Video of the Week
Rene Rancourt has been singing the National Anthem at Boston Bruins hockey games for 37 years and last Wednesday night the fans radiant energy overpowered him. So much so, he stopped early in the anthem and let the fans finish. This is a truly moving moment.

Did you enjoy this edition of Monday Madeleines? Do you have uplifting, life-affirming words that help you through crises? Let us know. No over-sharing here. (But if you somehow cross that line, we’ll let you know.)

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