Putting a Unique Spin on Your Marketing Materials

by Guest on June 7, 2013

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Guest post by: Angela Allen

Tired of ho-hum, been-there-done-that marketing materials? Does all of your marketing look suspiciously like that of your competition? Are you ready to move forward with something more edgy and interesting? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1.Know Your Audience

Quit being generic! You should have defined your niche client (the type of clients you wish you could work with all the time), and your marketing should be carefully crafted to appeal specifically to them. Trying to appeal to everyone means your marketing won’t really speak to anyone.

To appeal to your target audience, you need to know them. Keep up with the latest trends and desires of buyers in your service area. Subscribe to and read industry statistics; learn what features your audience values most. Then, make sure your marketing messages speak to what your audience really wants. Keep messages short, punchy and to the point.

Use visual language. Climb inside the skin of your potential buyers. (When you read that sentence, did you visualize it?) Imagine how you can answer their questions. Encourage them to interact with you. Become their trusted resource. Your success depends on it.

2. Know Yourself

Who are you? How would someone describe you or your company? Most importantly, how would you describe your company? What differentiates you from your competition? Does your marketing presentation accurately represent who you are and what you do? Do your business cards stand out, or do they get lost in the shuffle? Are your advertisements memorable? Is your branding unique?

Knowing yourself, your style, and what YOU bring to your audience above and beyond your competition will make it easier for you to create outstanding marketing materials. Create a brand you love. Consider it your alternate identity, because, to your customers and prospects, it IS who you are. Make your business brand reflect how out-of-the-ordinary you are. Your marketing should be as “you” as your signature. They both give others an idea of who you really are and what motivates you.

3. Have Fun

Fun and professional aren’t mutually exclusive terms — despite what you may have seen. Build a focused brand you enjoy. The most effective brands are also enjoyed by your clients (both existing and potential).

Having fun means you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable, and to let people get to know the real you. Clients trust people and businesses that they know and like. Having fun makes it easier for others to know and like you.

Creating your marketing materials shouldn’t be a task you dread; it should be something you use to flex your creativity, to reach out to your potential clients, and to touch base with existing clients.

What tips would you add for getting to know yourself and your audience? How do you keep your marketing materials fresh, focused and fun? Please leave a comment – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Angela Allen has been writing about real estate topics, including real estate business cards online, for more than 14 years. Today she shares her knowledge to help real estate agents improve their approaches to traditional real estate marketing with regular blog posts on BestPrintBuy.com/blog/.

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