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Lunch and Learn 1: How Newsletters Can Help Your Business

by Mistina Picciano September 4, 2014 Email Marketing

This is the first installment of a multi-part series on newsletter marketing from a recent Lunch and Learn session. In Part 1, I explain why you need a newsletter and outline some of the key benefits newsletter marketing has to offer, like:

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Email Marketing: Why It Works and When It Doesn’t

by Guest March 13, 2014 Email Marketing

Guest post by: Ken Moorhead As any digital marketer knows, Email marketing is tough to master. Some people consider it an outdated form of outreach, while other people abuse it to the point of alienating their customers. It’s no surprise that people aren’t always seeing the results they want – and much of their trouble […]

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6 Tips for Effective Email Subject Lines

by Guest January 16, 2014 Email Marketing

Applying some common-sense best practices can go a long way to boosting your email open rate and getting your messages read.

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Tips and Strategies to Maximize B2B Email Marketing Effectiveness

by Guest December 11, 2013 Direct Marketing

Tips and strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of B2B email marketing campaigns

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Why You Should Segment Your Mailing Lists

by Mistina Picciano June 19, 2013 Email Marketing

Last week, the store where my husband and I registered for our wedding sent me an email announcing their annual wedding band event. Having recently celebrated my five-year anniversary, I had a negative reaction. The store had my wedding date on file. Why waste my time with a notice about an irrelevant event?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Email Marketing

by Guest February 28, 2012 Email Marketing

Guest post by: Rachel Hyun Kim Email marketing is an efficient way to reach out to a large audience, giving marketers the means to send messages to hundreds or thousands of leads. When done properly, an email campaign can inform of upcoming products, events or updates about the company. But if handled poorly, an email […]

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Back to Basics: Email Marketing

by Randy Duermyer November 4, 2011 Email Marketing

Some marketers have given up and abandoned email marketing as a viable tool for building their business, crying, “Email marketing doesn’t work anymore.” Others simply believe that reaching out to prospects by email is tantamount to spam. Our experience has been that email marketing most certainly does work, and if you follow certain guidelines, you […]

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Want More Newsletter Subscribers? Use a Bait Piece

by Deidre Rienzo August 25, 2011 Business Development

In content marketing, a bait piece is a free, useful resource that gives prospects a taste of your expertise, and brings them into your business loop. One great use for a bait piece is to build your newsletter subscriber list. Offering your prospects something of value will make sharing their information more worthwhile.

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Tips for Choosing Newsletter Format

by Deidre Rienzo June 3, 2011 Email Marketing
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Maybe you’ve been trying to create an email newsletter for some time, but you don’t know what to include. Or maybe you have a newsletter, but you aren’t sure it’s working. What is the right format? We have the formula. Consider these tips, find a good balance, and reap the ROI from a newsletter that […]

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Subject Lines: How Do Yours Stack Up?

by Deidre Rienzo May 26, 2011 Email Marketing
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Previously, I shared tips for click-worthy subject lines, but today, I’m going to give some examples. Let’s take a gander inside my inbox: Good Subject Lines

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