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7 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business

by Guest March 1, 2013 Blogs

Guest post by: Tracey Bauer In an age where the economy is lean and people are constantly glued to mobile devices, tablets and laptops, how can you get them to notice your business? Blogging. Corporate blogging has numerous advantages; let’s take a peek at seven reasons why your company needs a blog.

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The Gift Economy and Blogging

by Guest January 16, 2013 Blogs

Guest post by: Veronica Clyde Seth Godin, one of the Internet’s greatest thinkers, says that we are entering a ‘gift economy.’ A gift economy is basically a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach to business espoused by marketing gurus like Tony Robbins. This approach works because people end up remembering you and what […]

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Four Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block

by Guest November 9, 2012 Blogs

Guest post by: Carlina Yepinski When you run a blog day in and day out, it can become difficult to come up with fresh, new content. Writing can feel like a chore. You can run out of ideas, and you can lose your motivation for finding them. Blogging block can cripple even the most seasoned […]

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Getting Back to Basics: Blogs

by Randy Duermyer October 28, 2011 Blogs

Are you still on the fence about a blog? Maybe you haven’t made up your mind if a blog will be useful to you. Or, maybe you have a blog but it doesn’t seem to be working the way you thought it would. Sometimes, getting back to basics can help. Blogs can provide greater visibility […]

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10 Tips for Click-Worthy Subject Lines: Do yours Stink?

by Deidre Rienzo April 21, 2011 Blogs

It doesn’t matter if your blog post or newsletter is literary gold. With a crummy subject line, people won’t read the message you’ve painstakingly crafted. In today’s environment of digital mania, less patience and  overstretched schedules, you need to show your reader that clicking and reading is worth her time. Conveying that value in a […]

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Your Blog: Useful Tool or Time Waster?

by Deidre Rienzo March 9, 2011 Blogs

Yes, content is king. But creating content for content’s sake doesn’t serve your business. So if you’ve got a security company, but you’re blogging tips on beating the recession, where’s the connection? Unless the blog supports your business, it’s wasted effort. My suggestion: revamp or recoil. Writing to meet a content quota isn’t the point. […]

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Day 7 Wrapup: Social Media Success Summit 2010 (#SMSS10)

by Randy Duermyer May 26, 2010 Blogs

Social Media Success Summit 2010 came to a close yesterday, May 25, 2010. The final day pulled plenty of information from previous sessions into a capstone of sorts. While only the last session was intended to do that, the first session of the day on blogging also included a number of tie-ins to demonstrate how […]

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Website Traffic and Search Engines

by Randy Duermyer December 18, 2009 Blogs

The ultimate goal for nearly anyone with a website is to draw more visitors to their site. Because search engines can account for as many as 80% of those visiting a website (and sometimes even more), it goes without saying that taking proactive steps to get your website found in the search engines is a no-brainer if you want more traffic.

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Blogging Tips from the Noveling Front

by Mistina Picciano November 5, 2009 Blogs

It’s November 5, which means a select few of you (probably those who consider sleep and hygiene nice, but optional) are giddy from the heady, early throes of cranking out 50,000 words in just 30 days. Yep, it’s National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, and I, too, have joined more than 100,000 participants in rearranging […]

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