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Back to Basics: Writing

by Randy Duermyer January 13, 2012 Writing

Has the quality of writing gotten worse over the past century or so? How about over the past 5 years or so with the popularity of texting and tweeting? Linguistic studies at various years in the 20th century and today reveal some surprising facts about the way college students have used English in previous decades. […]

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Back to Basics: Website Content

by Randy Duermyer January 7, 2012 Web Writing

To make your best impression for any form of media, you have to target the needs of consumers of that media. In other words, if you want to recycle your print copy to act as website content, don’t do it. At least not without making the necessary adjustments so your copy can be consumed easily […]

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Back to Basics: Social Media Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 23, 2011 Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t jumped into the crazy world of social media yet, or if you just don’t think you’re getting it quite right, it can pay to take a look at your goals. While the major players have changed slightly, social media marketing is still in a growth stage. As part of an overall marketing […]

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Back to Basics: Search Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 16, 2011 Search Marketing

Recent statistics show that more than 14 billion searches are conducted every day. That’s why it’s not a stretch to see how effective search engine marketing can play a very large role in the amount of traffic coming to your website or blog. Traffic may come to your site in two different ways through search: […]

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Back to Basics: Online Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 9, 2011 Online Marketing

Online marketing has really blossomed into something of a behemoth over the past few years. Recognized as perhaps the most cost effective marketing channel on the planet with the greatest reach, everyone wants to jump into the pool. The real problem is many who do so don’t give their online marketing efforts enough thought. Instead, […]

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Back to Basics: Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 2, 2011 Marketing

As the year draws to a close, most business owners start thinking about how they can grow in the year ahead. One great way to do that is to look at your marketing efforts over the past year to see what worked and what didn’t. Were your marketing efforts spot on for 2011 or not? […]

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Back to Basics: Keyword Research

by Randy Duermyer November 25, 2011 Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important foundation for a number of marketing channels, not just search engine marketing. Knowing which keywords to target is important for content marketing and social media marketing as well. Unfortunately, too many marketers and D-I-Yers either overlook keyword research altogether or do an inadequate job of researching keywords. Planning, writing and […]

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Back to Basics: Direct Marketing

by Randy Duermyer November 18, 2011 Direct Marketing

Direct marketing campaigns are still effective – especially when used with other marketing tools as part of an integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy. There are some basics to getting the most out of a direct marketing campaign. Without them, you’re probably just going to waste time and money, and you run the risk of turning off […]

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Back to Basics: Know your Audience

by Randy Duermyer November 11, 2011 Audience

Talk to marketers and they’ll have no problem describing their target market to you. Unfortunately, many don’t take that knowledge and use it to better understand their target audience when writing copy, blog posts or website pages. If you don’t fully understand and consider the target audience for your marketing and sales materials, how can […]

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Back to Basics: Email Marketing

by Randy Duermyer November 4, 2011 Email Marketing

Some marketers have given up and abandoned email marketing as a viable tool for building their business, crying, “Email marketing doesn’t work anymore.” Others simply believe that reaching out to prospects by email is tantamount to spam. Our experience has been that email marketing most certainly does work, and if you follow certain guidelines, you […]

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