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What Do Marketing and Mysteries Have in Common?

by Mistina Picciano August 27, 2010 Communication

“What is the writer’s first job?” Award-winning mystery novelist Reed Farrel Coleman asked the question at a recent workshop sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America. A few attendees ventured educated guesses like “develop plot” or “sit down and write.” Some enlightened soul soon voiced the answer Coleman was seeking: “To entertain.” Exactly. He expanded […]

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How to Be a Marketing Drama Queen

by Travis Heermann July 21, 2010 Communication

Evoking response is the primary duty of any marketing campaign. Generating more sales and revenue than the campaign cost to produce is the bottom line. Any good marketer knows that the first step is understanding the benefits of the product or service. Why should the customer care about what you’re saying? How can your widget […]

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7 Tips for Tapping Your Creativity

by Travis Heermann July 6, 2010 Writing

Professionals of all backgrounds need to unlock the doors of creativity at one time or another. Copywriters, marketers, executives, anyone who needs to find new solutions to intractable problems. Sometimes those solutions do not come. The brain feels blocked. How do you free your imagination? Writers, for instance, are in the business of capturing emotions. […]

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10 Writing Tips to Get (and Keep) Prospects’ Attention

by Deidre Rienzo September 25, 2009 Marketing

Making a powerful impression on your readers isn’t easy. They’re busy, impatient, and quick to click away from that site or close that brochure. The good news? Creating connections with words isn’t rocket science. It just takes a little know-how. Check out these 10 writing tips for ways to draw readers in—and keep them wanting […]

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Copyediting vs. Copywriting

by Mistina Picciano February 24, 2009 Editing

Sometimes clients don’t have the budget to hire a writer to handle a project from start to finish. In these cases, it often makes sense to use copyediting services, where a professional editor reviews and cleans up work produced by the client. We offer different levels of copyediting, depending on a client’s needs and budget. […]

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Inspiration, please?

by Mistina Picciano February 19, 2009 Marketing

Want people to read your marketing material? First, make that material about them – not you. And make it useful. Show your target audience that you understand their challenges, and share some ways to make their lives easier. Per John C. Maxwell, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you […]

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Never Ever Assume

by Mistina Picciano January 22, 2009 Business Development

Most acquaintances know that I’m a tea drinker. Some of my friends even call me a tea snob. Those in my inner circle describe me as, well, obsessed. (I’m currently at 26 teapots and counting, but that’s another story.) When my aunt suggested we visit a tea plantation, my heart did a little dance of […]

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A Cold Splash of Reality

by Mistina Picciano January 20, 2009 Business Development

We arrived at my aunt’s house near Taichung shortly after midnight last Wednesday – roughly 28 hours after a car service picked up my mother and me in Midtown Manhattan. I slept very little on either of our two flights and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed. Mom pointed me to the bathroom […]

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