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Copyediting vs. Copywriting

by Mistina Picciano February 24, 2009 Editing

Sometimes clients don’t have the budget to hire a writer to handle a project from start to finish. In these cases, it often makes sense to use copyediting services, where a professional editor reviews and cleans up work produced by the client. We offer different levels of copyediting, depending on a client’s needs and budget. […]

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How many teapots are you raising?

by Mistina Picciano February 17, 2009 Business Development

During my recent trip to Taiwan, I had the delightful opportunity to spend an afternoon with master blogger and tea aficionado Stéphane Erler of the Tea Masters Blog. At one point, the conversation turned to teapots and the process of “curing” the vessel. Repeatedly brewing the same type of leaf in the teapot permeates the […]

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The Secret to Writing Success

by Mistina Picciano February 3, 2009 Writing

Let’s be brutally honest here. I don’t feel like writing right now. It’s my last day of vacation. The sun is shining. Taichung beckons nearby, with exotic sights unseen and culinary delights untasted. This time tomorrow, I’ll be at the airport, preparing to fly back to the bitterly cold Northeast. But therein lies the secret […]

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Small Steps

by Mistina Picciano January 15, 2009 Writing

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu Have you read David Allen’s Getting Things Done? This book is an amazing guide to doing more. I’ve even picked up the OmniFocus application for both my computer and my iPhone to help manage my to-do list. Too bad I’m not so […]

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