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How to Screw Up a Good Promotion – Customer Service Gone Wrong

by Travis Heermann August 5, 2010 Customer Service

A large supermarket chain near my abode also runs a convenience store-style gas station in front of the supermarket. They run a thoroughly marketed promotion whereby customers receive a discount for gas based on how much money they spend on groceries. Having just dropped a serious chunk of change on groceries, I received a fuel […]

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Day 5 Wrapup: Social Media Success Summit 2010 (#SMSS10)

by Randy Duermyer May 19, 2010 Marketing

Social Media Success Summit 2010 was back in session yesterday, May 18th. The day included three more noteworthy sessions that in many ways built on and reinforced what was discussed in the prior sessions with one major exception: The inclusion of mobile marketing and its role in social media. Day 5’s three sessions included: 8 […]

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Why ‘Everybody’ is Not Your Ideal Customer

by Deidre Rienzo March 1, 2010 Audience

I tried to drag Uncle Jim to see The Lion King on Broadway. He wasn’t interested. He threw his beer can at me and said he’d rather watch the game. My brother hates sushi. He says he’d rather eat worms. My mom loves to cook. My dad can’t even locate the kitchen. My point? People […]

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From Weak to ‘Wow’: Deli Turns Wine Shop

by Mistina Picciano January 29, 2010 Marketing

Val’s Deli was typical of the smallest, least remarkable of the countless delis found in Manhattan. The store occupied a tiny space crammed floor to ceiling with various sundries and grocery items. Like so many other businesses, Val’s offered nothing special to distinguish it from the competition. The owners relied on its location to attract […]

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How Not to Personalize Online Marketing

by Mistina Picciano January 19, 2010 Audience

Please don’t misunderstand my title. I’m in favor of customizing the audience’s online marketing experience. Just ask any of our clients. We always recommend ways to tailor content to the specific needs and interests of their target market. What we don’t advocate, however, is insulting the audience‘s intelligence in the process.

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Keyword Research, Search and Content Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 7, 2009 Content Marketing

When people think of keyword research, they usually think of search marketing – either organic search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) search advertising. However, keyword research also plays a vital role in a content marketing program. Content marketing involves providing the information your targeted prospects crave – usually for free. By providing […]

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