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Simplify and Streamline your Messaging Process

by Guest July 2, 2014 Communication

Create a messaging guide by: Melissa Mannozzi The message you deliver to customers should remain consistent across all marketing. That includes your website, press releases, printed pieces, social media, email campaigns, and even what your sales team says on the phone.

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How to Be a Marketing Drama Queen

by Travis Heermann July 21, 2010 Communication

Evoking response is the primary duty of any marketing campaign. Generating more sales and revenue than the campaign cost to produce is the bottom line. Any good marketer knows that the first step is understanding the benefits of the product or service. Why should the customer care about what you’re saying? How can your widget […]

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What Motivates Your Prospect?

by Travis Heermann July 14, 2010 Audience

The Myers-Briggs Temperament Test is an increasingly popular way to identify what makes a person tick. The Myers-Briggs Test, originally developed in the 1950s, is now used worldwide to identify patterns of behavior and attitude. The expansion of the test’s popularity has been spurred in large part by Dr. David Keirsey, who refined and expanded […]

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7 Attention-Grabbing Words for the 21st Century

by Travis Heermann June 1, 2010 Audience

Culture evolves and language evolves with it. Words that worked in 1950 will not necessarily work in the 21st century. The following list of words seize the attention of your audience–whether your audience is sales prospects, potential donors, or voters–and elicit powerful internal responses with American audiences. In the direction our culture is evolving, these […]

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Why Good Writing Doesn’t Matter

by Mistina Picciano April 29, 2010 Writing

When people find out I have a business writing agency, they often smile and nod. Then, invariably they tell me about their wife, nephew, fourth cousin, etc., who’s “a good writer.” What, exactly, does it mean to be a good writer?   Signs of writing competency Vivid storytelling abilities Creative, effective syntax Mastery of grammar […]

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Do you invite clients to check out or check in?

by Mistina Picciano April 23, 2010 Communication

My husband and I are vacationing in Charleston, S.C., next month. We’re renting a charming house across the street from Folly Beach, which looks perfect: a good-sized kitchen for culinary experiments, easy access to the beach, close proximity to historic downtown Charleston. Yesterday the homeowner emailed instructions on picking up the key. I perked up […]

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No Accounting for Some People

by David Sattler June 29, 2009 Marketing

Most advertising and marketing seems to talk to itself, with companies touting things only of interest to themselves. For example, I recently had a meeting with a business owner who was complaining about the time he’d wasted that morning listening to a presentation/sales pitch from an accounting firm that wanted his business. He’d seen them […]

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7 Marketing Questions to Survive a Down Economy

by Travis Heermann April 23, 2009 Business Development

With businesses everywhere scrambling to maintain their customer base, some basics can occasionally be forgotten amidst panic and uncertainty. So let’s get back to basics. Some studies estimate that the typical American is subjected to more than 30,000 marketing hits a year, or more than 80 hits a day. Depending on where one lives, that […]

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Crazy for Kindle?

by Mistina Picciano February 10, 2009 Books

Are you psyched about Amazon’s Kindle 2 press conference yesterday? Or did you even notice? Whether you’re enamored, intrigued or underwhelmed by the device, the Kindle illustrates the fact that people are still spending money—where they find value. When I told my husband about the upcoming release of Kindle 2.0, he suggested that Amazon would […]

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Never Ever Assume

by Mistina Picciano January 22, 2009 Business Development

Most acquaintances know that I’m a tea drinker. Some of my friends even call me a tea snob. Those in my inner circle describe me as, well, obsessed. (I’m currently at 26 teapots and counting, but that’s another story.) When my aunt suggested we visit a tea plantation, my heart did a little dance of […]

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