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Back to Basics: Search Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 16, 2011 Search Marketing

Recent statistics show that more than 14 billion searches are conducted every day. That’s why it’s not a stretch to see how effective search engine marketing can play a very large role in the amount of traffic coming to your website or blog. Traffic may come to your site in two different ways through search: […]

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Back to Basics: Online Marketing

by Randy Duermyer December 9, 2011 Online Marketing

Online marketing has really blossomed into something of a behemoth over the past few years. Recognized as perhaps the most cost effective marketing channel on the planet with the greatest reach, everyone wants to jump into the pool. The real problem is many who do so don’t give their online marketing efforts enough thought. Instead, […]

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6 Online Writing Mistakes that Make People Click Away

by Deidre Rienzo February 11, 2010 Marketing

Do you remember “The Gong Show”? Brave contestants would go on stage and display their talents (or lack thereof) in front of three judges. If the contestants made a mistake, or just didn’t impress… GONG. Game over. The world of online business has a gong equivalent. It’s called your bounce rate, and it tracks how […]

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How Not to Personalize Online Marketing

by Mistina Picciano January 19, 2010 Audience

Please don’t misunderstand my title. I’m in favor of customizing the audience’s online marketing experience. Just ask any of our clients. We always recommend ways to tailor content to the specific needs and interests of their target market. What we don’t advocate, however, is insulting the audience‘s intelligence in the process.

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It’s Not the Same! How Online Copy Should Differ from Print

by Deidre Rienzo September 15, 2009 Web Writing

Want to recycle your print copy for the web? Please. Don’t. To make your best impression in each medium, target your approach. Why? Because your readers’ patience, processing, and ability to absorb are different for print and online content. Reading a book is different from flipping through a stack of magazines looking at headlines. In […]

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4 Ways to Sharpen Your Online Marketing

by Travis Heermann August 24, 2009 Marketing

Like television and radio before, the Web has become the technological “go to” for marketing just about everything. Never before have marketers had such wide-open access to such a large target audience with so little effort and expense. But that also means that your marketing efforts can be easily lost in a fog of competing […]

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