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Do Your Documents Show Your Age?

by Mistina Picciano May 21, 2009 Editing

Back in the day, Ms. Nancy Duty taught me—and the rest of Bruceville-Eddy High school—to use two spaces at the end of every sentence and after colons. Most of us were learning to type on IBM Selectrics, although a few were using the newfangled electronic typewriters. (The previous year, my eighth-grade class had started to […]

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Playing the Numbers Game: Percentages & Time in Writing

by Mistina Picciano May 5, 2009 Editing

Howard Levy, principal of Red Rooster Group, asks the following questions about proper style for percentages and time: When you have a range of numbers referred to in a sentence, do you use an en dash or the word “to”? As in “20 to 40%” or “20 – 40%”? Also, would you use the % […]

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It’s. Embarrassing.

by Mistina Picciano March 21, 2009 Editing

Last week, I received an email from a blog I subscribe to, one I’ve always regarded as highly professional. That opinion dipped somewhat when I saw the headline misusing the word “it’s.” “5 Things [FORTUNE 50 COMPANY] is Doing to Improve It’s Image (That You Can Do, Too!)” These master marketers had mistakenly used the […]

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Don’t Scare the Bamboo

by Mistina Picciano January 26, 2009 Editing

Each time I visit Taiwan, I fall more in love with my mother’s country. The island’s natural beauty, the food, the culture – all make me proud of my Taiwanese heritage. A friend who recently visited Taiwan described it as one of the world’s most under-rated travel destinations. He has a point. But Taiwan has […]

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